Taking Out the Tunnel Means More Fossil Fuel Exports on the Fraser

Coal Freighters, Jet Fuel Tankers and LNG Carriers: bad for the environment and the climate

By keeping deeper draft vessels off the river, the Massey Tunnel has been a check on industrialization of the Lower Fraser.

Tearing out the tunnel will allow fully loaded coal freighters to travel to and from Fraser Surrey Docks.  It could mean bigger LNG carriers loading at the proposed Wespac-Fortis LNG terminal in Delta.  What other fossil fuel export proposals will come forward once the tunnel is gone?  How much development on the river will be enough?  How will we manage impacts on salmon, killer whales and other sensitive marine life?

Before the province rushes ahead with this proposal, we need to develop a comprehensive vision for the future of of the Lower Fraser that guides development and protects this important ecological lifeline.