Public opposition to the replacement of the George Massey Tunnel with a $3.5 billion bridge has been building steadily since the project was first unveiled.

Hundreds of people voiced their concerns about plans to replace the Massey Tunnel with a bridge over the Fraser River during the 30 day commenting period conducted by the BC Environmental Assessment Office which ended on February 15.

Since then, Metro Vancouver has called for a Federal Environmental Assessment of the proposal and the city of Richmond opposes the building of the bridge.

Use the form at right to continue to ask the Environment Minister to order a Federal EA of this proposal. We’ll add your comments to the public record and send copies to key elected representatives and the project proponent.

This is an important opportunity to raise key issues about this project, including:

  • Does the tunnel really need to be replaced? What are the other options?
  • Who should pay for this new bridge?  Industrial users of the Fraser River? The Port Authority?  BC taxpayers?
  • What impact will a new bridge have on traffic and urban development?
  • What impact will a new bridge have on fossil fuel exports on the Fraser River?
  • Shouldn’t this project warrant a Federal review and not an assessment by the proponent itself?