What will a new ten lane bridge do to our region?

Moving traffic bottlenecks elsewhere, pressure for residential development and industrial use of farm land to follow.

The existing Massey Tunnel represents a safety valve that keeps growth under control in our region.   Yes, rush hour congestion in the tunnel is a problem that needs to be solved.  But replacing the tunnel with an expensive ten lane bridge will just shift that congestion problem somewhere else — likely to the Oak Street Bridge further north. We need a comprehensive plan for regional transportation.  Instead, the BC government creates obstacles to securing long term regional transit funding and rushes ahead with an expensive bridge replacement project that benefits industrial interests and will likely cause as many problem as it solves.

Removing the tunnel will encourage development — including further residential development south of the Fraser River and additional big box retail development near the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.  Eventually, new development will lead to new, higher levels of traffic.  As regional planners have known for some time, we simply can’t build our way out of congestion.

Removing the tunnel will also encourage the industrialization of farmland in Richmond and Delta to serve the Port Authority’s planned expansion of theDeltaPort Container terminal at Roberts Bank.

The short term benefits of a new ten lane bridge are not worth the long term costs of paved-over farmland and urban sprawl that this development will bring to our region.